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Focus on Opportunities
  • Option Data and Data Visualizations for Option Traders
  • Predefined Views for Stocks and Options
  • Implied Volatility Values and Relative Volumes for all US Equity Options
  • Modular Menu launches from your dashboard
  • Spot changes in Relative Volumes and Implied Volatility Values
  • Understand Market movements with Time Change Views

“OptionVision™ helps me get to the trade ideas better and faster. By showing me entities in context it simulates the noise and flow of a trading floor. The picture allows me to be in a “virtual market” where I can easily see how things relate to one another.” Andrew Giovinazzi, Chief Operating Officer for OptionPit


Aqumin and Option Research & Technology Services are collaborating to bring you OptionVision™. Spot opportunities and risk faster than ever utilizing Aqumin’s interactive 3d data interpretation landscapes and ORATS' proprietary Option data and research.

All Strikes & Expriations

OptionVision™ unique display shows all the important strikes and expirations by symbol, sector, or largest opportunity. Use preconfigured views to see what is moving in the market.

See What You Have Been Missing

OptionVision™ unlocks hidden Alpha in key option metrics. Take the work out of finding changes in relative volume, Implied Volatilities, and changes in Volatility over different time periods. Key pricing , volume and volatility changes literally jump off the screen at you.